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Buddy Quick Tips / Hints

  1. A typical buddy will be middle school age and older.
  2. Arrive at the field 20 minutes prior to game time.
  3. Sign in on the volunteer check-in sheet.
  4. Head to the dugout to find a coach.  Team coaches are in charge of pairing up buddies and players appropriately.  (size and age will need to be considered)
  5. The Program Director will work with the coaches to ensure that each player has a buddy if they would like one.
  6. Typically there will be one buddy per player, special cases may rarely require two buddies per child.
  7. First priority over anything else is Safety, and to protect the players at all times.
  8. Buddies are responsible for their individual player from the time of introduction until they are back in the care of their guardian.  (This means no matter where the player goes the buddy must also go.  Do not allow your player to roam around with out you, inside or outside the field.)
  9. Always allow the Miracle League player as much freedom as possible to play their own game!  (note: this is the players game, not the buddies)
  10. Depending on the batter’s ability, the buddies may need to stand in front of players to protect them from being injured by a hard hit ball.
  11. Each player will have a different ability and need.  Buddies are to assist according to their player’s special need.  (There is no specific way to buddy a certain disability because every child will be at a different level and have different limitations.)
  12. Be of good spirit with enthusiasm, love, good attitude and concern in motivating the players and their families.
  13. If the player needs a bottled water, help them to get a free one at the concession stand.  Bottled water is always free for you too!
  14. Become their friend; get to know the players and their families.  Cheer them on from base to base.
  15. Be properly dressed in comfortable clothing and shoes.
  16. Demonstrate high morals and integrity on and off the field.
  17. If you have a Question…ASK
  18. If you need Help…ASK
  19. Volunteers are welcome to stay and eat with us after each game as our guest.
  20. Have fun!

It is the generous support of our community that allows us to offer programs free of charge. Please help us continue in our efforts to offer the best we can to all of our players with special needs.