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When you give, you receive!

The players make every Miracle League sport special, but it is the people who offer their time and friendship that make it possible! You can be a part of the Grand Strand Miracle Leagues in several ways:

* Buddy up with a player to help him or her play baseball or soccer or to takea spin around All- Star Park!

* Bring a group to scrimmage a friendly softball game with our advanced teams

* Bring a group of friends from work, school or church to host a game day.

* Participate in one of our fundraising events throughout the year.

* Come out to the Miracle Leagues field and cheer the kids on– you’ll be amazed at the results!

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Thanks for signing up! You will be glad you did and you will love your time with the kids.We will notify you with an email with our schedule and when volunteers are needed.

It is the generous support of our community that allows us to offer programs free of charge. Please help us to continue to offer our programs at no cost to our players.